Christian, 25 years — Meravir
Christian, 25 years, I have a dream to get a tattoo for a while, but i haven’t got enough money for a expensive tattoo parlor. In short, my friend put a tattoo on me at home.

He assured me that everything was sterile and I would not get AIDS. But eventually I got another incurable and dangerous disease – hepatitis B. I found out about it exactly a year later, when I wanted to become a donor and did blood test. I was terrified. I called several friends who did tattoos from the same master and they’ve been also infected by hepatitis B. It turns out that the tool was not disinfected as it needs to be. How many people he managed to infect no one knows.
I’m desperate. I read on the Internet that chronic hepatitis B isn’t treatable, and my doctor told me the same thing. You can live with it for a long time, but you need to stick to a diet and constantly take supportive therapy.
I lived with hepatitis B for 5 years. Haven’t found a girlfriend because I honestly warned about my diagnosis. Everyone was afraid to get infected. But in 2018, I found hope. I read somewhere that someone invented a cure for hepatitis И — MERAVIR. I consulted with my doctor and he allowed me to start therapy with MERAVIR. After 6 months, I could not believe my eyes! Tests showed that the virus isn’t detected in my blood. I repeat blood tests for three times to make sure. I’m completely healthy!