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Terms and Conditions

You can copy any information provided on meravir.com site or cite the any parts of … posted in any sectors in the media only providing a link to the source. Any publicly available data provided on meravir.com is state property until it violates data protection laws. The above mentioned resources contain publicly available data which can’t be presented as confidential information which is a subject to non-disclosure according to the Official Secrets Act. Any data cannot be used for commercial gain.

Following the links provided on meravir.com site and going to external information sources, a user leaves the site. The representatives of meravir.com website are not responsible for reliability of the data, provided on other sites.  

The owners of sites who want to place a link on meravir.com website for advertising purposes have to contact site’s support team.  

Only banners approved by the support team of the site may be placed on it.

The owners of the websites who have placed links to meravir.com website do not have a right to:  

change a standard browser window, hide content on the site and add new content;

provide wrong data which can be viewed after following an external link;

post information which discord with the principle and aims of meravir.com website.

Send your questions and offers connected with the use of information provided on meravir.com website to the support team.